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Chairman's message

Sh. Rakesh Divedi, Chairman

It is indeed both an enormous challenge and a great honour for me to take up the Chairman of GROW CARE INDIA
Worldwide, to lead distinguished fellow professionals in the field of Health and Safety.

Membership in GROW CARE INDIA is the perfect means for health and safety professionals of all levels to expand
their knowledge, enrich their expertise and explore future issues, strategies and trends in the industry. Through
our comprehensive program on continues professional development certification and annual professional
development conferences, etc. Membership in GROW CARE INDIA is tailored to challenge your thinking and
provide practical insight into emerging issues that allows you to manage challenges in your Organisation.

Nevertheless, there is no room for complacency because even the loss of a life is too many a loss. Having assumed
the role of the Chairman, I consider pushing health and safety into our communities and placing it first place on
our agenda.

We are in the process of establishing other subcommittees (i.e. Professional Development, Publicity &
Communication, Technical Advisory and External Relations), and each subcommittee will advise the Executive
Council on strategic issues and priorities and carry out any function delegated to an Executive Council. We believe
the new Organisational structure is valuable for addressing the feedbacks collected in our Membership
Satisfaction Surveys.

On the other hand, we hope that our website will keep us better connected as a community and we will keep you
informed about our upcoming events. We are happy to receive feedbacks and suggestions from you on how to
promote safety in your country by working with us passionately. If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Last but not the least, I sincerely hope that we can maintain our continued support from all our international
regions and bring our enthusiasm to contribute and participate in.